Twenty nine years after the Union Carbide gas disaster in Bhopal, over 120,000 people still suffer severe illnesses related to the damage caused by the gases to almost every system of their bodies. In addition, close to 50, 000 people have been drinking contaminated ground water for last 14 to 20 years. Despite massive expenditures, the medical care of the exposed people continues to be terribly inadequate. In the context of utter neglect by Union Carbide and the Indian Government towards the health of the exposed population, the Sambhavna Clinic opened its doors on September 2, 1996. The Clinic, run by the Sambhavna Trust, an independent, community-based, non-governmental medical initiative concerned with the long-term welfare of the survivors, offers an innovative blend of modern and traditional therapies free of cost to the survivors.

Here is what YOUR donation would specifically go towards:
1. Herbal Garden

2. Community Research 

3. Medicine Manufacture (salaries plus raw materials plus fuels and other expenses) 
4. Allopathic Medicines given FREE of cost to all persons under care

  • Creating possibilities in a city of despair
  • Providing rational medical care free of cost to survivors of the December 1984 disaster and those poisoned by contamination of ground water by Union Carbide’s chemical wastes
  • Undertaking community health work in the affected areas
  • Conducting research on the long-term health impact of the disaster and monitoring health of exposed persons,
  • Documenting relevant information on the continuing tragedy,
  • Raising awareness on issues of environmental health.

Sambhavna Trust