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As a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, Gateway2Giving's
mission is to raise awareness about international issues and support both local and international organizations who help further important causes. What many people do not realize, for example, is that more than 80% of people in the world live on less than $10 a day. This is part of the reason that leads into the 3 main purposes of Gateway2Giving: 1. Spreading awareness through social media and interactions 2. Fundraising for charities on a global scale and 3. Assisting local and domestic organizations and people in need through activities such as donation drives. Causes that Gateway2Giving currently supports internationally include poverty alleviation, educational improvement, agricultural/water security, and disaster relief (including medical treatment for victims).

​With hundreds of millions STRUGGLING to put food on the table, educational, healthcare, and environmental progress (among others) are severely limited. That is where YOU can help with the power of a donation, because every penny counts. Help us reach our goal of raising money for noble causes both in the United States or on an international scale with just a $10 or $20 donation!

Gateway2Giving is distinctive in many ways. For example, our charities are unique in their missions and successes and this progress will be accelerated with YOUR help. Moreover, G2G charges substantially lower operational and self-sustainability fees from each transaction as compared to other charities.​ Each charity has given G2G an expressed, written consent to be a partner and raise funds for their SPECIFIC and NOBLE activities that benefit many (FCRA approval).  Moreover, G2G will inform donors of what EXACTLY the funds are being used for. 

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