Click on any of our tabs to learn more about us, contact us, or donate!  Gateway2Giving raises awareness about international issues to American citizens and supports organizations on a local and international scale. Gateway2Giving is determined to connect kindhearted donors with charities throughout the world that lack a web presence in the United States, an option to donate from the US, or simply cannot afford to advertise in the US. Local activities include helping out the less fortunate through donation drives.  Improving the world in many different aspects (ex. education, human rights) and the power to do so starts with the people. 

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Help us benefit the millions of suffering victims around the world, any donation is a welcome addition and every penny counts. We have a variety of categories to choose from, be it orphanages, urban development, environmental, or just all around.

With how busy our lives are, most of us are unable to travel abroad and dedicate our lives to service, but with the power of a small donation or even spreading awareness, we can empower activists and charities in impoverished areas to work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people in all aspects.

Our main international focus as of now is India, with 33% of the world's poor residing there. Help us give them what many take for granted: food, shelter, a family, healthcare.